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Bandana Tie Dye

The Bandana Tie Dye is one of the most beautiful accessories that we have. It adds you Style and beauty in one piece. If you couldn’t find the one of your dreams, it’s because you didn’t know us. Come in and enjoy the show.

  • Boao 12 Piece Tie Dye Bandanas Novelty Gradient Bandanas Double Sided Classic Paisley Handkerchief for Men and Women (Gradient-colors)

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  • Unisex Bandanas Single Pack Super Soft Cotton 22 inch Cowboy Large Handkerchief with Nice Package

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  • Bandanas for Men and Women Soft Handfeel Square Dould Sided Printing,6 Pack Fine Cotton Bandanna Scarf

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  • Tie Dye Dog Bandana Scarf Triangle Bibs Pet Accessories Cat Kerchief

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  • Motique Accessories 22 Inch Cotton Paisley Bandana

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  • CHARM Tie-Dye Bandana Headbands – Psychedelic Hippie Womens Head Scarf Boho Mens

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  • VANCROWN Headband Neck Gaiter Head Wrap Headwear Face Mask Magic Scarf Bandana for Men and Women

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  • 9 Pieces Hippie Tie Dye Bandana Headband Hippie Costume Set Hippie Non Slip Head Tie Hippie Neck Gaiter Gay Pride Rainbow Sun Protection Face Mask Balaclava for 60s 70s Hippie Accessories

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  • Unisex Double Sided Print Paisley Cotton Bandana Head Wrap Scarf

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Rainbow tie-dye bandana for you!!!

If you love colorful and funky accessories, you should try tie-dye bandanas! They are super easy and fun to make. All you need is a bandana, some rubber bands, and some fabric dye. Just fold the bandana in a cool pattern, like a spiral or a diamond, and secure it with rubber bands. Then, dip it in different colors of dye and let it dry. Voila! You have a unique and stylish tie-dye bandana to rock with any outfit.

Tie dye bandanas bulk

Looking for a fun and colorful way to accessorize your outfits? Look no further than our tie dye bandanas! These bandanas are made of 100% cotton and come in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors. You can wear them as headbands, scarves, masks, or even as DIY tops or skirts. Plus, they are easy to wash and reuse, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Whether you need them for a festival, a party, or just for everyday wear, our tie dye bandanas are the perfect choice. Order now and get them in bulk at a great price!

DIY tie-dye bandana

Here’s a simple guide on how to create your own tie-dye bandana:

Materials Needed:

Bandana (preferably 100% cotton)

Tie-Dye Kit (like Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit)

Rubber bands

Plastic covering for your work table (like a trash bag or tarp)

Spray bottle with water (optional)


Prepare the Bandana: Wet the bandana and wring out any excess water. The damp fabric will allow the dye to spread more easily1.

Fold the Bandana: You can fold the bandana in various ways to achieve different patterns. Some popular methods include accordion folds, spiral folds, or bullseye folds1.

Apply the Dye: Put on your gloves, then apply the dye to the bandana. You can use one color or multiple colors depending on the design you want1.

Let It Sit: Once you’ve applied the dye, place the bandana in a plastic bag and let it sit for 6-8 hours or overnight. This allows the dye to fully saturate the fabric1.

Rinse and Dry: After the dye has set, rinse the bandana under cold water until the water runs clear. Then, wash and dry the bandana according to the instructions on your dye package1.

Remember, the key to a successful tie-dye project is to have fun and let your creativity shine! Enjoy your tie-dye adventure! 🌈

How to tie your bandana TieDye?

In this video of Riahs Tie Dye, you can see how to tie your tie dye bandana like an expert!